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 In my country, Italy, Sky (the satellite TV provider) became an ISP and started with a dual-stack network, but it's planning to switch to IPv6-only by the end of the year and you need a router supporting MAP-T to access their network.

There is a failry new law in Italy that allows a customer to use any router they want with their ISP, but as far as I know only the router provided by Sky, and OpenWrt, support MAP-T among consumer routers. It may be a good idea to support MAP-T since not many routers support it right now.

Would Keenetic be interested in implementing MAP-T?

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54 minutes ago, Le ecureuil said:

Interesting idea, but we need example set of settings.

In their configuration page they just say this:

  • IPoE IPv4/IPv6 protocol
  • NAT: MAP-T Mapping of Address and Port, Translation mode (RFC7599)

I will post more information when they make the switch or if they release new information.

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Hello, are there any news on the MAP-T implementation? Since mid December Sky Italia officially switched to MAP-T, especially for new customers. Old customers are in MAP 1:16, MAP 1:1 if port forwarding is detected and in dual stack in some rare cases (but bound to switch to MAP-T in January).

Sky Italia seems to be one of the fastest growing ISPs in Italy, and there's currently no alternative to their CPE besides customized OpenWrt which is not feasible for non techincal users. It would be nice to have Keenetic as an option.

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I'm interested on this as well.

For reference this is the configuration they are using, taken from a working OpenWRT router with 1:16 sharing ratio profile.

It is passed via DHCPv6 option 95, then passed to the nat46 module by odhcp6c (on OpenWRT)

root@RouterMi:~# cat /tmp/map-wan6_4.rules
RULE_1_PORTSETS='1920-1983 2944-3007 3968-4031 4992-5055 6016-6079 7040-7103 8064-8127 9088-9151 10112-10175 11136-11199 12160-12223 13184-13247 14208-14271 15232-15295 16256-16319 17280-17343 18304-18367 19328-19391 20352-20415 21376-21439 22400-22463 23424-23487 24448-24511 25472-25535 26496-26559 27520-27583 28544-28607 29568-29631 30592-30655 31616-31679 32640-32703 33664-33727 34688-34751 35712-35775 36736-36799 37760-37823 38784-38847 39808-39871 40832-40895 41856-41919 42880-42943 43904-43967 44928-44991 45952-46015 46976-47039 48000-48063 49024-49087 50048-50111 51072-51135 52096-52159 53120-53183 54144-54207 55168-55231 56192-56255 57216-57279 58240-58303 59264-59327 60288-60351 61312-61375 62336-62399 63360-63423 64384-64447 65408-65471 '

root@RouterMi:~# cat /proc/net/nat46/control 
add map-wan6_4
insert map-wan6_4 local.v4 local.v6 ::/0 local.style NONE local.ea-len 0 local.psid-offset 0 remote.v4 remote.v6 2a0e:41b::/32 remote.style MAP remote.ea-len 16 remote.psid-offset 6 debug 0
config map-wan6_4 local.v4 local.v6 2a0e:41b::/32 local.style MAP local.ea-len 16 local.psid-offset 6 remote.v4 remote.v6 2a0e:402:101:101::/64 remote.style RFC6052 remote.ea-len 0 remote.psid-offset 0 debug 0

I removed the part of the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses since they are fairly static.

The 1:1 profile is basically the same except it uses ealen=12, psidlen=0 and other mapping ranges (obviously)

Unfortunately there are no third party CPE compatible with this protocol for now and the CPE from the ISP is lacking in many ways for more advanced users as this is big ISP.

If you need something else feel free to ask.

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I am also interested to know if there is any news, Sky Italia is offering I think the best offer in the field of connections, it's a shame that I'm covered by FTTC/VDSL and unfortunately there are no third party CPE compatible with MAP-T and FTTC (if not using unlocked and modded modems of the former incumbent as it uses a very pure OpenWrt*), so I'm very interested to know if MAP-T support will arrive or not in the short time.

*also with MAP-T 1:X with X != 1 and a third party CPE with OpenWrt, has the big problem that only the first range of ports is used, so most of the port of the IP address is wasted.

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