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Why are features such as dark theme, crc/fec, rssi not included in the software?



Hi, is there a special reason why the features in the browser plugin (crc / fec, dark theme, rssi) are not added directly to the software?

As far as I know there is a lot of demand for the dark theme, the dark theme exists in the browser plugin, but a lot of users are 3. the party does not want to use software


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Everything written below is my personal opinion. I do not decide which features will be implemented in the web UI.


15 часов назад, PriSonerS61 сказал:

is there a special reason why the features in the browser plugin (crc / fec, dark theme, rssi) are not added directly to the software?

No, there is no special reason. However, any feature has a certain priority. If the feature is not implemented, then there are ones with a higher priority ahead of it.


In case of the "dark theme" there is also another reason: it would be hard to implement. Current web UI was not designed to support multiple themes. It also was not designed to support mobile devices, because we already had a separate team developing a mobile app. Based on the process of updating the UI for mobile devices, I can say that the cost of development reduces the priority of this feature significantly.

I also can say that a new version of the UI is under development. Most of the KN devices already have an Initial Setup Wizard that is a part of the new UI (the one with the flags in the background of the first step). The new UI will have a built-in dark theme (at least it has one for now). However, my extension will not be compatible with it, and I will not be able to modify the dark theme as easily.

Regarding other UI changes that my extension adds: this forum provides a way of requesting a feature. You should add a thread to the https://forum.keenetic.com/forum/51-feature-requests/ section and ask anyone interested to vote for your suggestion. We can ask additional questions (such as how you plan to use the new feature), but we will certainly consider popular requests. Another way to request a feature is through official technical support. As far as I know, they collect user requests and present the most popular ones.


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