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Changelog 4.1


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Release 4.1.4 (preview):

  • DNS: increased the maximum response size for recursive resolution of DoT/DoH servers (reported by @Alexey104) [NDM-3226]
  • OpenVPN: fixed VPN client startup failure with "Error opening configuration file" message [NDM-3217]
  • USB: added support for Yota D071C modem [NDM-3218]
  • Wi-Fi: implemented a workaround to avoid crashing of certain Realtek Wi-Fi drivers under Windows when passing non-PMF authentication [SYS-1131]
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Release 4.1.5 (preview):

  • IPsec: fixed a bug that caused L2TP/IPsec server clients to have unrestricted access to the home network [NDM-3247]
  • IPsec: fixed occasional disconnects of IKEv2 tunnels [NDM-3059]
  • IPsec: fixed spurious EoIP/IPsec connections after device restart [NDM-2518]
  • IPv6: fixed accidental reloading of NTCE engine on processing of certain IPv6 packets (reported by @dimon27254) [NDM-3235]
  • PingCheck: fixed hostname resolution in accordance with DoT/DoH domain restrictions (reported by @dimon27254) [NDM-3273]
  • PingCheck: fixed "upstream is very slow to respond" error [NDM-3244]
  • USB: added support for Quectel RM500U-GL modem [NDM-3203]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed setting of band-steering preference when upgrading from earlier stable versions [NDM-3241]
  • Wireguard: fixed route to remote endpoint after device restart [NDM-3223]
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Release 4.1.7 (preview):

  • IPv6: fixed support for multiple IP policies [NDM-3289]
  • MWS: fixed "Network::Interface::Mtk::BandSteering: failed to lookup service for segment" error occurring on extenders [NDM-3325]
  • OpenVPN: fixed spurious reconnects of OpenVPN client [NDM-3301]
  • SSH: fixed SFTP connections blocking by lockout-policy [NDM-3263]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed 5 GHz channel width degradation on Buddy 6 [SYS-1151]
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