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FEC CRC HEC, Fast/Interleave mode and DSLAM brand display



We want to see counting of FEC CRC and HEC errors, if our DSL lines are in fastpath or interleved and displaying of connected DSLAM chipset in xDSL lines. For example ASUS DSL modems have these features and it helps us in understanding more abour our DSL lines' state. Can you add these featurws for new interface? 

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3 hours ago, Anna Zhelankina said:

@FireKzH, hello, we plan to add this in the future.

We are waiting for it. Some like us want to see detailed DSL statics and diagnose it. It would be perfect.

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47 minutes ago, Anna Zhelankina said:

Hello, I don't really understand what graphs are needed. Could you please explain in more detail? 

Hi. Of course I can explain in detail. For example, the data in the "Line Statistics Report" can be converted into a graph.

The image below is of a "Zyxel keenetic plus dsl" device. This feature is available when used with keenetic devices with RU zone. DSL data starts to appear as a graph. However, Zyxel keenetic plus dsl model device cannot be used with a device with EU and TR region code.

I think keenetic can do the conversion of this dsl data into graphs internally.

Thus, if there is any problem with our dsl line, we can easily see it on the graph.




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