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Smart CPU Balancing

Ahmed Ensar


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Keenetic modem / routers with low processing power like I use, torrent etc. when ntce is open or software nat is open. The modem breaks down in processes that consume high NAT and CPU, so I have to turn off NTCE and manually open the hardware NAT feature every time. I thought of a feature that can do this automatically, can you add this feature if possible.

"check delay" value check second.
"value" is nat count or cpu percentage.
When the "return value" falls below this value, restore the settings.
"cpu % sec." How many seconds should it stay on the specified value.


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I've experienced an unprecedented congestion on a large mesh network.

I noticed that the cpu and ram usage started to peak on the 5th day. I observed the situation for 1 week.
Now the device cannot be reached in rmm and mobile applications, it takes too long to open something in the interface.
The self-test could not be downloaded. swap usage had exceeded 150mb.

I restarted services in opkg packages. But that was not the case.
CPU and memory usage drop as soon as I turn off traffic classification.


High Cpu Usage - Traffic Classification ON - https://prnt.sc/9Vzq8KKNhYMs / htop: https://prnt.sc/CJHpZ0s9e281
Normal Cpu Usage - Traffic Classification OFF - https://prnt.sc/S6SEho4oo2t9


28 Keenetics operate in this network. There are 40-70 client connections.

Based on the request in this topic, an improvement seems necessary.


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