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  1. Beautiful! everything looks perfect 🙏
  2. In local gui, this is called other connections. I think other names would be better for rmm. Example: Special connections Private connections Specific connections
  3. Rmm: or need to show which is up / down Gui: Thanks for new updates. It seems amazing. 👍✌️
  4. @eralde Hello Master, I remember asking this before. Can we show rssi value next to bars in device list? show ip hotspot show ip hotspot xx:yy:xx:vv:zz(mac address) shows rssi value of devices.
  5. I am ready with my Hero DSL. You can check values which you need in my modem.
  6. Here : Original table https://kitz.co.uk/adsl/linestats_explanation.htm
  7. It was shared on a Turkish forum. But when you search for atuc dslam vendor on google, you can reach this information, albeit piecemeal.
  8. dsl line stats: ᴋᴇᴍᴀʟ ʏᴇʀᴇʙᴀᴋᴀɴ, [03.06.21 12:42] Jun 3 08:38:39 % Farend is Broadcom Jun 3 08:38:39 version : b5 0 42 44 43 4d 93 99 Jun 3 08:38:39 vendor specific info:0x9399 Jun 3 08:38:39 BRCM 9806H Jun 3 08:38:39 BCM co V 9. 7. 25 fw Jun 3 08:38:39 ghs_vdsl_cnxt_flag is 0 Jun 3 08:38:39 80 % ID, NPar1 Jun 3 08:38:39 Don't Have non std part Jun 3 08:38:39 80 % ID, SPar1 Jun 3 08:38:39 84 % STD, NPar1 Jun 3 08:38:39 00 % STD, SPar1 Jun 3 08:38:39 00 % STD, SPar1 Jun 3 08:38:39 00 % STD, SPar1 Jun 3 08:38:39 00 % STD, SPar1 Jun 3 08:38:39 a0 % STD, SPar1 Jun 3 08:38:39 % SPar1(5)=20 Jun 3 08:38:39 % bit6 Jun 3 08:38:39 56 % NPar2 Jun 3 08:38:39 % 993.2 Jun 3 08:38:39 % VDSL2 Standard Jun 3 08:38:39 % All Digital Mode Disable Jun 3 08:38:39 % Support DS VNoise Enable Jun 3 08:38:39 % Diagnostics Disable Jun 3 08:38:39 % PSD shaping US0 Enable Jun 3 08:38:39 % Equal fext upbo Disable Jun 3 08:38:39 % G993_5 FRIENDLY Disable
  9. @eralde Hello Master, Can you show the brand according to the dslam id under dsl diagnostics?
  10. For a long time, we have been working with Keenetic Turkey on support requests. I was using Keenetic Giga before and never observed this situation. After rebuilding my mesh system with Hero DSL, I realized that although the modem and laptop were in the same place, the laptop could not stay connected at 5ghz. Either the connection was broken or I was switching to 2.4ghz after a while and continuing my uninterrupted wifi experience. Laptop wifi chipset: Realtek 8822BE 802.11ac Although I tried many self-tests and wifi drivers, the result is always the same. I bought a dongle today. ZYXEL NWD6602 AC1200 Wifi chipset: Realtek 8812BU In the same way, I did my experiments and the result immediately jumps to 2.4ghz after a 5ghz connection. When I used this laptop on my Ultra main controller mesh system with ~20 devices before, 5ghz was fine. That network is currently the main controller Peak DSL, and it also provides seamless connections within the mesh network at 5ghz. I only experience this with the Hero DSL. You will see in the video. I was wondering if anyone has experienced similar situations with a Hero DSL and a device with realtek chipset. https://streamable.com/72o4ml
  11. Which seller did u buy this SFP in Aliexpress? I cant trust many of Annddear who is trusted
  12. @sincake https://t.me/keenetictur We would like to help you. You can also come to our telegram channel. The question caught my attention. You wrote that you had no problems with your other modem.
  13. @PriSonerS61 send me a CF results.
  14. I'm not sure but if this ip is responsive on select dns server, could this ip have some blocking related to nextdns dot? Or certificate problem...
  15. I showed how to use it in the previous message. NextDns on dns-proxy is not responding to DOT servers. Similar problem here...
  16. If you are using WAN(ethernet) connection description, there is no problem. The name you give in the interface remains the same. And this appears in the mobile app. In DSL models, it is not enough to enter the PPPoE description in the interface. Because it continues to appear as PPPoE in the mobile application. That's why; interface PPPoE0 description "TTNET" system configuration save We run the following commands. Example of my friend @PriSonerS61 Everything looks correct. But this description disappears as we can't find the reason, and it appears as an example below. Same for my DSL connection, which is the backup provider I use, and the main provider for my other Peak DSL connection. As I said in the first sentence, the wan connection (in my example; PPPoE0) is not the problem. This only happens with DSL connections. @AlexSP @Le ecureuil
  17. After turning a port on/off, the connection speed caught my attention. While it appears as 100M FDX in the control panel and system settings, the same device appears as 1000M in the wifi-mesh tab. Before turning it off and on, it was showing as 1000mbit.
  18. We have fixed this. Check, please Everything works well.. Thank you!
  19. And, Without changing the torrent folder's name, I couldn't get it back. now I'm back to the old folder name again.
  20. The problem was due to the same names of the new hdd and old hdd in my 1st message. The old hdd was never removed from the router. So I didn't make any folder changes.
  21. Also here is buggy. When I select media folder, update button wont available. If I choose other folder and then back to chose same folder, updating library
  22. Additions: After removing the new disk from the router, I noticed why the media server is not working. I didn't make any changes. SMB server is working correctly. Although the torrent seems to be working correctly, it seems that the connection has lost the setting related to the interface.
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