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  1. Thank you for answer. I found this site and programs. But when I said application, I mentioned a sample setup. I even wonder how we can make these recordings on usb only. Do you really need a good coding knowledge?
  2. Video Captured on 3.7.A.15 Same issue on other channel. 🙄 https://streamable.com/ocqtr7
  3. Chromium based new Microsoft Edge is also supported by @eralde
  4. There may be a bug related to setting system nodes on devices. When I look at the settings of the devices where the nodes are blocked, the 3 newly added nodes are selected not to be connected. 3 extenders in the frame are newly added. and this is a device with no blocking. the new 3 extender is not blocked as usual.
  5. I guess I didn't explain very well. Can we pull the dbm value just near the indicators?
  6. New RSSI signal meter window cause loop when click Dahsboard. When you click on the homepage in the new feature, it comes back to 3G/4G connections menu. https://streamable.com/coxx4l
  7. Another bug appears with 3.7.14 New RSSI signal meter windows cause loop when click Dahsboard. https://streamable.com/coxx4l
  8. Thank you again @eralde New Style Before Can you add this kind of RSSI meter or something like this for wifi signal in device list?
  9. Yes, as same as NextDNS. But I dont know very well that using this Adguard via OPKG.
  10. Hello Evgeny, Firstly, thank you and your team for this beatiful GUI. I hope future willl be Keenetic. So pls help me. I need batch reboot for mesh too.
  11. New feature is good in wifi mesh area. Additionally, I requested same feature for device list 9 months ago from Keenetic Türkiye. Is it possible?
  12. If the translation is so wrong, I guess it ruined my good thinking. 😐 We already face translation issues Even the Turkish translation is bad. 🙈 In short, thank you for your hard work. @eralde
  13. Большое спасибо. Это очень здорово. Удачи в ваших руках. 💪✌️
  14. I wanted to let you know. Core::Webhelp::EventRelay: expected JSON object.
  15. I remember experiencing a similar situation only when I left the WISP connection. After rebooting, even though ping-check was on, it didn't connect or connect quickly. For this reason, the wired wan that is not used at the moment is selected as active and its ping-check feature is on.
  16. Yeah, that is but put this button/icon into more simplier area where we don't click device name.
  17. @eralde I am thinking of WOL button on device list. What is your opinion?
  18. Is there a plan to add widgets for android? For example, I would like to be able to open my computer with WOL feature on my android home page.
  19. Access point/repeaters in mesh system connection speeds are not visible. I guess 3.7.11 was same. Ex.1 : Ex.2 :
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