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  1. @eralde this is my dsl's pppoe name. I am little bit confusing for areas which is DSL or dsl0? These values point to different places under the home page and system settings.
  2. What did u try doing for modem? Which FW do you use?
  3. Thank you for this implementation. Thank you for this development. Uzun zamandan sonra mesh sisteminde ekle/kaldır seçeneklerini deneyimledim. Ve bu özellikler ile birlikte açıklayıcı uyarının geldiğini farkettim. It took me 5 minutes to set up the new mesh with the Hero DSL. Just remove and pair with WPS. ✌️ Also 2 extenders are out of my home.
  4. Is it possible to add to the FN status led whether the PPPOE connections are online or not? I am using both fiber (wan) and dsl connection with Hero DSL. I want to observe whether the default connection on the Wan led and the backup connection on Fn1 are online. In hero DSL, the wan led can also light up red. but I am using dsl as a backup connection, and dsl was selected as a backup connection by default. It will be great to control from two LEDs while my fiber and dsl lines are active. Thank you Keenetic. 💜
  5. Nice job. You need the heatsink for warmth. I read in a forum that before that it was unfortunately broken. be careful I recommend you to follow the values.
  6. I'm following this title with excitement. 👌 My SFP producer also asked me to ask. Because I can't see DDM info either. Even though I had access to O5 state before that, I could not solve my problem with the media converter yet. I think some things seem difficult in Turkey.
  7. I had same issue for my friend's Apple Tv. Hacking with hotspot is only way which I found. Create same SSID as Keenetic network for hotspot on phone. Apple TV say try new password. Write it then turn off hotspot. Apple TV connect to Keenetic network. But you can do it everytime when Keenetic is restarted or electricity is gone. So we decide to connect it via ethernet. No issue!
  8. Just theme by extension. You can follow this Turkish forum DH. https://forum.donanimhaber.com//mesaj/yonlen/148980697
  9. Thank you so much for detailed information. I also use domain. I will add firewall rule. Issue that same as ssh login attack attemp or try login attempt many times. result access denied for 15 minutes.
  10. Torrent engine is working without issue. But remote transmission get error.
  11. 👌 Because IntelliQos is gone. or component's name or engine is changed.
  12. I noticed that the problem was caused by something else. This device was previously defined as a static IP. I remember removing this rule during the changes on the DHCP server. There is no pin in the device list anyway. But static IP was selected and it encountered an error in the DHCP pool. When I fixed this place, the save action improved.
  13. Changins can not be saved in settings. Save button is unclickable. Keenetic OS 3.7.A.6
  14. When you add a large file to the torrent, the torrent client gets a lot of trouble such as hanging, waiting, not responding... But I don't have a reboot problem. I am using Keenetic Giga. I would like to remind you that one of the reboot problem in 3.7.A.5 is related to IntelliQos. I am currently using it disabled.
  15. What is your 5Ghz channel number? Set 36 for maximum throughout 160mhz.
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